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Dialogs Made Easy

NOTE: Dime has been replaced by Adime

Adime is the same library as Dime but a newer version.

The reason why I had to change the name of the library from Dime to Adime is that there is another library called Dime (which is bigger and has been around longer) so it caused a conflict. The document describing how to move from Dime to Adime is also in the latest release of Adime.


Dime, version 1.2.4, 15 december 2001
Dime is a portable add-on library for Allegro with functions for generating Allegro dialogs in a very simple way. Its main purpose is to give as easy an API as possible to people who want dialogs for editing many kinds of input data.

It currently works with Linux, DJGPP, MinGW32, MSVC and Watcom. Help with porting to generic Unix and BeOS would be very appreciated!

The sourceforge project page is at


The ZLIB/LIBPNG licence.


Source of Dime 1.2.4 (166 kB)

This is, like Allegro, a source only distribution, so you will have to build it after unzipping the archive. Installation instructions can be found in readme.txt. Requires Allegro version 3.9.38 or later, and compiles under Linux, DJGPP, MinGW32, MSVC and Watcom.

The WIP page
The Work In Progress version is unstable (don't use except for testing!) but contains new features.

Help in Windows format (25 kB)
All the help compiled into windows help format, provided by Mike Greubel. This is from version 1.2.1b so it is (slightly) outdated.

You can also get old versions of Dime.

Detailed Features


Here is a typical example of what a dialog can look like:


This dialog was generated with the single function call:

   dialogf("dialogf() example",
           "Required Information%line[]"
           "Optional Information%line[]"
           "Shoe size (Swedish units):%float[10,60]"
           "Favourite text file:%filename[256,txt,Select a text file]"
           name, &age, &married, &shoe_size, &filename, &language_index);


This is the documentation from the zip.
Readme - Installation instructions and some more.
Changes - Differences between versions.
Thanks - People who have contributed.
API Reference - How to use Dime.
How The Expressions Work - Description of the syntax in the expression evaluator, written by Shawn Hargreaves.
Internal API Reference - Some inner workings that you only need to know if you want to extend Dime.
Wish List - Things that would be nice to have.

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Last updated on 12 December 2002.
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